Our Why

Why I decided to dedicate my practice to Benjamin Kozerski

Ben Kozerski was my mentor, an extraordinary teacher who taught me many things, all without words. He taught me how to connect with special children who communicate in different ways and I share  memories of Ben with my families. It’s because of him that I became a speech pathologist and started Love Without Words Speech Therapy. He means so much to me that I dedicate my practice to him. 

Ben was 30 years old when he passed away. Ben never said “mama” or “I’m happy”, but he didn’t need to in order to share those feelings. His facial expressions and body language said that and much more. He lit up the room and taught everyone fortunate enough to know him to appreciate and communicate with children with different abilities. He loved to laugh, listen to music, go on outings and ride in a car with the windows down.

I celebrate Ben every day! We all need to celebrate our children EVERY SINGLE DAY! They can teach us so much….without saying anything.

Most of all Ben shared his love. Love Without Words.